About Elm Content

Hi, my name is Tom.

I used to be a journalist, writing for the Financial Times in London. Over the course of six years, I covered everything from how renewables would reshape the energy sector to who owns the patent when an AI invents something. Along the way I also worked as a ghostwriter, writing everything from political speeches to articles for Oxford academics.

In 2020, I changed careers and moved into Venture Capital. Working hands-on with startups every day, I was surprised by how many were stuck in a loop: the core team has no time to work on content, but outside talent often doesn’t understand what makes the company special. This means too many brilliant companies go undiscovered by the people that need them.

I started Elm to fix this. Our focus is on creating deeply researched, beautifully designed content for your business. We combine content expertise from the world’s most prestigious media outlets with growth experience working with dozens of technology startups. 

Our belief is that the best way to drive leads is to create content that shows your company’s unique insight. We work with you to share that insight with the world. 

Content that sells. Done for you.

We research, write and design the best content in your industry. Lead magnets you're guaranteed to love in as little as 30 minutes per week.